help: How can I find the correct command?

First. I am using Win10, and the CLI and Standalone versions are the same, 3.1.6.

I copied the command from the top right corner of QtGUI.
(For the below example, (gcd_anti_alias 60,0.3,50,0))

Next, I use the command in CLI and CLI says,
" *** Error *** Unknown command or filename ‘gcd_anti_alias’."

How can I suit and guess the command for CLI?

Command gcd_anti_alias is a part of the community filter. For some reasons, the plug-in has access to them while the CLI version does not (are they running on the same machine?).
You can try to force the CLI tool to get the community filter with gmic update.
If this succeeds, then the command should work with the CLI tool.

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Thank you! it worked.

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