Help me install Gimp HELP file(s)

Hallo. I wanted the latest Gimp for MX Linux.

It wasn’t working. The flatpakref file offered would only respond to a manual commandline install on my system, so I did that and finally installed GIMP successfully. I assume it’s a fairly common problem because the alternative methods of installation are discussed on the GIMP download page. Anyway, the latest GIMP is installed.

The problem now is that I want the GIMP Help files installed too. If I install the gimp-help-en and gimp-help-common via the MX LInux repository, they are not recognized by GIMP (Edit > Preferences > Interface > Help System > The User Manual is not installed locally ). If I go to Help > Help I get:
The GIMP user manual is not installed in your language. You may either install the additional help package or change your preferences to use the online version.

I noticed the 150MB+ HELP file on offer from Releases . I have downloaded and have tried reading the confusing, lengthy instructions on how to install it (compile it)…but I have NO IDEA what I am doing. The last thing that I saw blur in front of my eyes was a bunch of Python dependencies complaining at me.

There has got to be an EASIER way. Is there? I would be grateful for any help.

PS. The Windows versions of both GIMP and the HELP files install flawlessly (and easily).

That is the problem with flatpak. Gimp is sandboxed and only uses flatpak installations.

My suggestion (and this is a Mint 21 VM not MX Linux)

  1. In a terminal run flatpak list to check what you have, in particular a system or a user installation.

  1. Next in a terminal flatpak install gimp.manual and follow the prompts

  1. …and that works here. A local installation of help is found

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Thank You, rich2005!

flatpak install gimp.manual did the trick. I will continue hate flatpaks well into the future. Hah. Thanks again.