Help needed for GTK3 theme

The GTK3 version of PhotoFlow is still rather unusable simply due to the lack of a proper UI theme. Personally I am a complete theming noob, and so far I could not manage to achieve something decent.

The best-looking result I could reach uses a 1:1 copy of @TooWaBoo’s “TooWaBlue - Dark” theme for RT, however there are several things that could still be improved, as one can see for the screenshot below:

For example, the background of tabs and text entries is too light, and generally I find the UI elements a bit too big… for comparison, here is the current GTK2 look:

If anybody volunteers to give me some help, I’ll give more details on where photoflow looks for the theme files.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I’d be happy to help when I return from vacatiotion on the 5th of December.

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@Carmelo_DrRaw I wouldn’t mind helping. Just tell me how.

@paperdigits @afre tomorrow I will write some instruction on how to find and replace the theme file used by photoflow. It is quite easy, as you will see. Thanks!

Indeed, I think it’ll be quite simple. GTK3 uses CSS for themes, which I’m already quite comfortable with.

I finally managed to prepare some pre-compiled appimage of the GTK3 version of photoflow, which hopefully should simplify the work of tuning the theme.

Here are the steps I propose to follow:

  • get the appimage from here
  • also get the photoflow sources where you can find the theme files:
git clone -b stable
  • copy the current theme file in the user config folder:
mkdir -p $HOME/.photoflow/config/themes
cp -a PhotoFlow/themes/photoflow-dark.css $HOME/.photoflow/config/themes
cp -a PhotoFlow/themes/assets $HOME/.photoflow/config/themes

The theme in the ~/.photoflow/config/themes folder, if present, gets precedence over the one included in the AppImage package, so you basically have to make changes in ~/.photoflow/config/themes/photoflow-dark.css and re-start the appimage to see their effects…

@afre I am still working to provide a GTK3-based windows version, will let you know as soon as it will be ready. In the windows case, you can directly edit the


file in the un-zipped photoflow folder.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m using the AppImage you provided above and suse tumbleweed with the Plasma desktop, and Photoflow is not looking great:

I get the error Gtk-Message: 11:38:56.213: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

I’ve started hacking my way through the CSS file though :slight_smile:

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You might try with this theme as a starting point, which is directly derived from RT’s TooWaBlue Dark.


Using that zip doesn’t change anything.

Sorry if I’m being captain obvious, but

As for me, the only *canberra* in Sabayon is media-libs/libcanberra-0.30-r5, a “Portable sound event library”.

I also get the same look on a brand new install of Fedora 27 without linking the theme, so it should be using the default photoflow theme. What am I doing wrong?

Here is what you should do in order to install the theme in the tar file:

mkdir -p $HOME/.photoflow/config/themes
cd $HOME/.photoflow/config/themes
tar xzvf /path_to_the_tar_file/theme.tgz

You should now have a photoflow-dark.css file and an images folder.

Now restart the appimage, and the custom theme should be loaded… at least this works on my Ubuntu system…

@Carmelo_DrRaw Is the win version ready for testing? It has photoflow-dark.css but I don’t know if it is gtk3 yet. And is photoflow-dark.css currently set to PF’s default theme? Or is more like what @paperdigits is getting or what you are getting in the original post?