Help needed from folks who know Python to support users, due to medical problem

I managed to injure my hands while working on the code for Rapid Photo Downloader. Serious typing injuries are not fun. :frowning:

Some things I can still do, like write this message. I’m using a voice recognition program under Windows to write this. Some things are much harder, however, including using the command line, coding, etc. Right now I need to do as little typing as possible, so I can recover.

Consequently, at the moment I need help for dealing with bug reports. Right now, there is this issue, which is very likely identical to this issue.

Can someone help diagnose what the problem is, and write the fix? The problem is in the script, in the function opensuse_package_version (line 2078), which is called by remove_unneeded_user_installed_tools (line 711).

The problem might be coming up when the user locale is other than English. The fix would therefore be calling the command while setting an environment variable to use the C locale, rather like this.

But it might be another problem, of course.


Been there, I feel you.

For future reference, I solved typing pain with the following:

The last one is quite expensive for the little it does and has little support in Linux, but you can map it to panning-scrolling events through Xorg such that the load is balanced between the hand that clicks and the hand that scrolls.

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I can vouch for Dygma Raise and ZSA Moonlander. The latter is now my current keyboard. Split keyboards I should have done waaaaaaay earlier. Same for proper desk height.

And both have a similar layout programmed to minimize hand movement while typing.

Current Layout - as you can see i can do basically everything in the middle 5x3 block on each half.

p.s.: forgot to mention dygma has a kickstarter for a split mechanical keyboard with bluetooth


Thanks. I first experienced the injury in 1994/95. By 1996, I had it under control. I managed to keep the problem at bay all this time, until very recently. I know what the problem is: I was coding for seventy hours plus per week for too many weeks in a row. It seems like my body is just not capable of doing that for sustained periods, because that’s how I got it the first time too.

Since 1995, I’ve used a Kinesis contoured keyboard (I’m currently on my third). I was made aware of them by a former professor of mine, who has owned many of them. I guess he wears them out, which is intense! His son is one of the people behind this brand-new keyboard. Kinesis has a new model coming out that looks pretty similar.

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I have serious chronic issues with my whole body including the hands. Don’t want to give unsolicited advice, so I will just say, yeah, ergonomics and ergonomic friendly tools help a lot.

I am really writing this post to say: all the best and hope you get the treatment and support you need. :hugs:

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In 2019 I had the opportunity to assist to velocity conference in Berlin. I remember a talk about voice driven development, it was impressive.

I’ve been looking for it and I found:

Maybe, you can try this approach.

I hope you feel better soon

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Thank you very much. That was a great talk. I was totally unfamiliar with Talon.

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Damon, very sorry to hear of your injury. Especially because I have benefited so greatly from your excellent program, I’m sorry that I have no real python coding experience -the closest being attempts to hack the script on my MythTV installation.

If you are desperate and have no takers in the next day or 3, message me directly and I’ll try to pursue your bugs (hopefully without introducing more).


I made a custom ergo for myself based on the Mitosis layout.


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Hi Damon,

I took a quick look at the code, added a debug output so I could see the error and found that on line 740 you are looking for python3-pip. Tumbleweed doesn’t provide that through zypper.

Changing line 740 from:
package = f"python3-{tool}"
package = f"python38-{tool}"

Allows the installation to complete.

Best Wishes


@paperdigits what happens to the package name prefix python38- when Python 3.10 makes it into Tumbleweed? Another question: do you have an approximate idea of when Python 3.10 will become the default in Tumbleweed ?

You must mean @Sunny

@paperdigits I meant you. Do you still do packaging for openSUSE?

actually this shouldnt be needed as python38-tool provides python3-tool

it depends on what tool that you use to query to find that

rpm -q --whatprovides python3-Jinja21 ; echo $?
no package provides python3-Jinja21
rpm -q --whatprovides python3-Jinja2 ; echo $? 

to answer that question:

then the python3-tool provide would move from python38-tool to python310-tool

ahh perhaps I confused @darix and @paperdigits !

in this instance zypper info is being used.

zypper se --provides python3-Jinja2

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I see. Thanks. So that makes it a three-step process, of query, filter query results, and then information. Luckily doing zypper in just works in one step with package names like python3-arrow.

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not sure if it will make things easier for you:

zypper --xmlout se --provides --match-exact python3-Jinja2

the --xmlout might give you output that is easier to parse and the --match-exact makes sure you dont get packages that have parts of the string in their name