!Help please! Problem to open any folder into RawTherapee

Hello everyone,

Today I rent a fotocamera in order to make a shooting at home for my new website.
I shot in Raw and this evening I realized that I have a problem with RawTherapee.
I cannot open any folder: when I’m into File Browser, recent folders, I cannot open anything. When I try to go to Preferences>File Broswer>Image Directory at startup and the I selected the folder I need, there is an error message: “Error opening directory: /Users/… Operation not permitted”.
From the software itself, it’s impossible to open anything.
When I open one picture from the Desktop (open with), I can open it into RawTherapee but only one by one so totally useless.
I’m using a Mac. I first downloaded the last version and then, the previous one just to make sure it wasn’t a bug due to the lasted version.

Please can anybody help me? I really don’t know what to do.

Many thanks in advance,

Are you using macOS Catalina?

Hi @Charlie82 and welcome!

Those that are in the know probably would want more info from you, like From where did you fetch your RawTherapee?
Have you been able to use RawTherapee without problems before?

Hi Paperdigits and Claes,

Yes, I’m using Catalina since last August with no particular problem with other softwares.
I downloaded RawTherapee from the official website. I downloaded the software yesterday so I don’t have any experience in the past.
The strange thing is that from the folder itself, I can open the picture but not the all folder contents…
It seems that RawTherapee cannot get in contact with the content of my Mac for any reason.

Catalina comes with some new security features and the last release of RT was not able to incorporate the necessary changes.

@HIRAM is working on this, you can find a build that should work for you here: When Will RT Run on Mac OS 10.15.2 Catalina?

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You can definitely check https://keybase.pub/kd6kxr/ for what I have built for macOS.
As of this writing the latest is https://kd6kxr.keybase.pub/RawTherapee_OSX_10.9_64_5.8-317-g6563989f5.zip

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Hi Hiram and Paperdigits,

Thanks so much for helping out, I really appreciate it.
The software now works and I can access to my folders.

Thanks again for your great help.