help: removing big jaggy.

I would be grateful if I could borrow your wisdom.

I would like to smooth the big jaggy image (upper image) to the below image.
(not small 1x1 jaggy, those jaggies has 4x4 ~ 10x10 size.)
Could I achive this by G’MIC?

In short, yes I think you can. If you want to do that from command line it’s probably best to start with smooth

If you’re in the g’mic qt GUI, just look for the many “smooth” type filters. If you’re doing something with upscaling, I added a command not long ago gcd_resize_vw which prevents most jagged edges.

Even if you prefer to use cli, it can be best to use the GUI to find the filter you want, then use the “copy command to clipboard” feature.

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I made a personal command at one point but I lost the code for it. The idea is to smooth the edge but keep the rest as is. Iterate the process. Each time you smooth the edge, the edge width becomes narrower to the point it converges on the image you want. Of course, it becomes more difficult if your edges are more complex and there is noise or other artifacts.

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I looked for around “smooth” section carefully you told.
and I find “NL-means” is really fit for this situation.

Thank you, all. :slight_smile: