HELP selecting images in map module's filmstrip

Photo friends,
I am a photographer who is trying to migrate to darktable (from lightroom).
One thing I don’t get is how to select another picture in the map module. When I open the map module, it centers on the preselected image in the filmstrip. If I click on another image in the filmstrip, it jumps to its location on the map, but does NOT select the image in the filmstrip (there, selection is still on the picture I opened the module with). For different reasons, this hampers my workflow. Can someone tell me how I can select another picture in the filmstrip in the map module? There a way I don’t yet see?

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use Alt+click to select the first image, followed by either Ctrl+click to select or de-select further images, or Shift+click to select a range of images.
(see darktable 4.2 user manual - filmstrip)


Thank you Harald, this is helpful.
But how do I select a picture from the map view?
Use case: I want to select all pictures from a place I’ve been. I zoom the map accordingly and would like to click on the images on the map, selecting them, as if I had clicked on them in the filmstrip.
How does that work? Thanks again.

You can do this by defining locations (right panel in map view). See darktable 4.6 user manual - locations
It is not possible by selecting images directly from the map.

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Thanks pehar,

the location functionality is interesting. I’ll check it out.

Still, may I ask why selecting images via the map isn’t possible? I’ve seen a related discussion on github, but wasn’t sure why the discussion was closed (and the feature not implemented). To me as a user, it feels very counter intuitive when nothing happens once I click on a picture on the map. But I’m sure there’s a reason why it’s the way it is?


Because it is a feature that no one has developed. If desired, you should start a Feature Request in GitHub. Maybe someone will find it useful and find a way to develop it. Maybe a filter using the location tags.

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thanks g-man
gonna do that once I have the time to flesh it out

One thing to think about: I very often have several pictures at (almost) the same location. So the thumbs on the map overlap a lot. That makes selecting a particular image a bit tricky.

So do you want to select all images at the spot you click on, or just the top one?

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Hi again, after two weeks of getting used to darktable, here’s my need more specifically:

I’m on the map module and think:

1: Hey, I took pictures in this place. Hmmm, which pictures are these again? Let’s check and select them (icon or thumbnail): ops, I forgot, clicking images on the map doesn’t do anything…

2: I want to select pictures from a specific place which is, unfortunately, not possible (pretty much same as use case 1).

@rvietor: I guess selecting all images grouped together would make more sense as you can zoom in further if you need to define a smaller group.

I haven’t yet had time to check the location functionality but while it seems POWERFUL, it also seems a bit cumbersome (compared to simple clicking).

Cheers - so far, I love darktable and once I’m done migrating, my adobe subscription will come to an end after sooo many years.

With previous version there was a lua script that’d do a reverse geocode look up. I’d like to do that and add a heriarchical tag of Country > State > City of similar. Has that script been updated @wpferguson or do I need to learn some lua :joy:

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any update on your idea, @paperdigits?