Help setting LUA scripts

I recently decided to use EnfuseAdvanced LUA script.
Hovering the item displays all the needed information, so I followed the instructions.
However, after struggling for almost one day, following the instructions on sometimes outdated pages, hunting for unmet dependancies, aso., I still could not get the thing do what it ought. The item was present in the export menu, but it did not work. I gave up and left my system.
Then I discovered (nearly two months later) that some other software did not work anymore. The system had been broken.
Two days of brainstorming and a reijnstall later, all was fine, dt and other stuff working flawlessly again.
Now, I do not want to break everything again, so I humbly beg for assistance in making enfuse work with dt.
Could someone please describe what exactly I have to do to achieve this ?
I am using Ubuntu 22.04.
Thanks in advance,

You need to install the enfuse, hugin, and exiftool packages (sudo apt install hugin exiftool enfuse).

The first time you run enfuseAdvanced it will ask you for the location of align_image_stack, enfuse, and exiftool. Click the directory button, then navigate to /usr/bin and click on the executable then click OK.

Select some images, tweak the settings, hit export and let it run.

You might want to read the enfuse documentation to get an idea of what the settings do.

Thanks Bill,
I am sorry, I ought have written that I did try this, and was informed that those packets have no version that can be installed, and bla-bla-bla.
So, I searched and found instructions to build, but that led to breakink my system.
OK, just found this thread nearly about the same problem.
I am going to read and try to understand.

Edit : I added PandaJim repo and then could install the stuff, however it is not safe as it wants to install audacious, which I already built from source, so the version and/or behaviour might conflict.