HELP Siril only finishing processing in BW.

Im trying to process my photos taken with NINA and G3-6300KPA (IMX178) but every time it finishes I have all RGB channels but no colors. I was able to process with a Debayer using Fitswork.
I with I could use only Nina like I do with my DSLR

Here is the sample of he FIT from the camera and nina

Hi, you may have missed a step in the processing. You are supposed to debayer the images before doing the registration. It can be done as part of the pre-process if you want to, by checking the ‘Debayer before saving’ box in the Pre-processing tab or by adding -debayer to the preprocess command if you are using commands or scripts.

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this is the command line that I have
preprocess images -dark=…/MASTER/ -flat=…/MASTER/ -cfa -equalize_cfa -debayer

anything wrong?

THe final image is a RGB but it is pink. when I calibrate the colors it ends with no color at all

The command is fine. Ok that’s strange. How many images of what exposure do you have? Which stacking method do you use?

171 lights
30 flats
30 bias
30 darkflats
30 daks

IM using sirilic to create the script. I always worked with my DSLR not with my astro camera

If the FITS file is produced by another software you may want to check the top bottom orientation debayer button in preferences.

This is the flip option in command line.

if I debayer with Fistowork I can use Siril with colors at the end. I wish Siril could do everything

let me try

it did the trick thank you!!!

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