Help! White JPEG file after saving from the RGB

After the stacking process, I see a nice, normal image on screen, I right-click on the RGB Image window and select JPEG. Opening the saved JPEG file only results in a blank white image. I tried TIFF and PNG, they both create rainbow colour bands.

Or, how should I save the stacked file?

Running the latest production version of macOS and SiriL 0.9.12. Thank you in advanced.

Please, share your FITS image. That remains me a bug we have fixed.

Before you try to export, select linear transform and set the min and max levers to the maximum range. Surely you need to apply some histogram transform until you recover a visual pleasant image before export to JPEG

How can I send the file to you?

Thanks, I tried and mess around with the settings in the 3-channel preview window for stacking, and then, I get a completely black screen even both preview windows show normal images.

What has worked for me the first time I’ve this problem: open your image. Select líneas mode. Under the preview, drag the first slider to the right. Surely you will obtain an almost black image. The open the histogram transform, from the menu or se icon. On this window you can tap on the button that has a curve with a gear superimposed. This will apply a real auto stretch transform in your image. Tap on apply button. Now in your preview you must see a not black image and if you save it as JPEG you can see that the new image preserve the same detail.

Obviously you will need other transforms, but I’m trying to give you the needed confidence in SiriL to keep learning. Yes, the curve is steeped at the beginning, but the results are very encouraging. This for example, is a 5 180” frames stacked and processed with SiriL.


It works now. Thank you for your kind help!

With kind regards,