Help with denoise (profiled) in Darktable 3.0

I’m running Darktable 3.0.0 on Manjaro Linux. I’m would like some tips on how to get better result with the new denoise (profiled) module for this picture. I took this picture at sunrise and exposed for the highlights. As you can see I increased the exposure on the shadows a lot in post-production but without over-exposing the sky. Filmic RGB is fantastic!

But I’m struggling with reducing the chroma noise on the subjects clothes and on the black areas of the pram. I don’t mind if the chroma noise is turned into luma noise, as long as the denoising blur the details too much. 2020-01-09-145852_3440x1440_scrot

Promenad i gryningen-0001.NEF.xmp (9.9 KB) Promenad i gryningen-0001.NEF (24.4 MB)

I read the description of the new version of the denoise (profile) module, but still failed.

Do this for color noise:

Do this for luma noise:

Tweak it a bit to fit your noise level if you need to.

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I think you pushed the reds a little to far :wink: . Try denoise (bilateral filter) for the red channel.

Promenad i gryningen-0001.NEF.xmp (10.8 KB)

I have done a video tutorial about recent changes and how I denoise pictures here:

Maybe it will help!


Thanks! That produced the best result of all the tips. But, dear me! Bilateral filter is a slooow module.

Thanks, I will check out that video.

Bilateral filter becomes faster if you use a big radius :wink:

Do you use OpenCL acceleration?

@Thomas_Do: Yes, with a GTX 970.

Yes, the module is calculation-intensive. It may be best to do the denoising after the rest is finished :frowning: .

That’s what I usually do with denoising…

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