Help with hugin

(Alberto) #1

I’m a complete newbie at Hugin, but usually I am able to get excellent results for panoramas by just using it in “wizard mode”. But not this time, unfortunately :frowning: I have a couple of pics that are giving me troubles, and I hope someone here can help. I tried the auto mode first, and also tweaking the control points manually, but I keep getting bad results.
Here are the two pics:

And here’s the output I obtain:

Thanks in advance!

(Mica) #2

How were the images shot? On a tripod? Hand held? I assume auto mode means a rectilinear projection, is that correct?

( #3

quinema-hugin-completiva 1.jpg 2.jpg out

(Alberto) #4

yes, hand held, rectilinear. that works usually for similar situations (for me at least). I essentially use hugin as a replacement for an ultra wide angle :slight_smile:

(Alberto) #5

@bazza thanks, I’ll check that out! :thumbsup:

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #6

I think you will have to mask out the bottom part of the top image. Look at the following tutorial: