help with install

i am trying to install art 1.21.3 on a dell lattitude 5480 laptop running peppermint os [debian 12] ive downloaded art-1.21.3-linux64.tar.xz and extracted it to /temp and tried double clicking on the ART executable file and only get a terminal with this /tmp/ART-1.21.3-linux64$ if i hit enter it just repeats itself, ART does not run . ive installed exiv2 libraw and opencolori0 with synaptic . it still will not work . i am out of my depth here ,could anyone lead me by the nose through this as i would really like to give ART a try .

Hi, did you try running from the terminal? E.g. like this:

$ /tmp/ART-1.21.3-linux64/ART

If that works, you can create a launcher for your desktop environment (this depends a little bit on what DE you use, but something like menulibre could help)


thank you so much for the reply,
i ran /tmp/ART-1.21.3-linux64/ART in terminal and it worked ! but i got this message
(ART.bin:3395): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to gtkmm__GtkHPaned 0x2dc11036410 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?
do i need to do anything ?, art looks ok on the screen.
also should i move the art folder from temp or will it be ok left there ?
i am running the xfce desktop and menulibre is already installed , i wlll need to fathom how that works but i can do that later .

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you can safely ignore that.

You can move the folder wherever you want, though Iā€™d say that if you want to keep ART around probably /tmp is not the best place.