Help with Siril - First time processing. Imported frame size is wrong.

Hello all,

This is my first time doing astrophotography and I’m using Siril to process my images. I followed the tutorial given here and managed to get a good output image using the sample images given by Sebastien Guyader. However, when I use my own files, I see nothing in the preview windows. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong, so I’d appreciate some guidance. One of issues I’m facing is that I’ve take a few pictures in portrait mode and all of my Darks, Lights and bias frames are in landscape. Is there a quick workaround?
Calibration FIles
Portrait shot
Landscape shot

I’m using the flatpak version on Ubuntu 18.04, I’ve shot using a Fujifilm X-T100. When I convert my RAF files to FITs, the console says Reading RAW: file DSCF1691.RAF, 1 layer(s), 250x35 pixels. The layer size is obviously incorrect as it should be around 6000 x 4000 pixels.

Thanks! FWIW, I loved the output of the sample images from the tutorial.

EDIT: The issue is the the RAW processing library. It looks like libraw doesn’t support the X-T100 yet. It supports the X-A5, and they have the same sensor. I managed to work around that by converting the RAF files to DNG.

Hello, if libraw can’t read your data, my advice is to compile libraw and to use our sources to compile siril :). You will have last version of both applications.


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