Help with testing HDR images

I am experimenting with producing HDR pictures (I mean pictures that can take advantage of HDR screens, not the fake-looking tone-mapped pictures that were popular a few years ago), and specifically AVIF files that use the PQ transfer function.
The problem is that I do not have an HDR screen :roll_eyes:, so I’m sort of driving blind… still, the output I am producing might have a chance of being correctly encoded, so I’d like to ask if there is somebody with an HDR screen (preferably using OSX, as that’s the most reliable platform to view HDR pictures apparently) that might want to help me with some tests.

If so, here are two sets of pictures (taken from this play raw – beautiful pics BTW!), each consisting of 4 images:

  • an SDR jpg
  • an SDR avif
  • an HDR PQ-encoded avif with peak luminance at 500 nits
  • and finally another one with peak luminance at 1000 nits

Ideally, they should all look more or less “similar” in terms of perceived contrast and tonality, with the two HDR ones just looking “nicer”, when viewed on an HDR screen with the appropriate software.
For viewing, you should use Google Chrome under either OSX (preferred) or windows, as those are two combinations that are supposed to work for this.

If you are willing to take the test (and, again, have a properly-configured and supported HDR screen – see the above link for testing this), I’d like to know whether the 4 pics on each set look reasonably similar to you, and if not, why.

Thanks in advance!

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