Hi. A couple questions/suggestions, but first,Therapee is AWESOME!!


That is the very reason I keep using Nikon software each and every time I experiment creative processing.
(and unfortunately that software is now out of production…)

(Jean-Christophe) #22

@Ansel_Adams_Family I’ve the impression that what you want is more viewing the edited parameters in a single place instead of an editing log, where you could find several occurrence of the same parameter. For the later, it would be useless to update a parameter to a new value at one point in the history if it’s updated later on to another value. The change would then not have any effect.

For educational purpose, I can agree that summing up what have been tried so far would be useful, but that’s not what the History does. Actually, if you select an entry in the history and modify something in the right panel, the rest of the History is truncated and the said parameters is added to the new tail. What you see in History is a list of parameters that have been changed, however it technically is a snapshot of all the parameters, for each line.

You can see it with inactive values : sometime (because of heterogeneity of behavior), some tools that you act on does not create a new history entry, because the tool itself is not enabled. But it will still be memorized in the next history entry, once you’ll e.g. enable that tool. You’ll end up with one entry in the history, but which will include 2 changes in the parameters set. Think of it as a list of complete parameters snapshot, not a list of single parameter change.

We could enhance RT to let the user visually know if a parameter is not at its default state, however we can’t place them all in a single place.