Hi, Installing Cryptomatte plugin in Natron 2.3.14 Relase

(Eduardo Ramírez) #1

Hi, I hope Everyone is Ok.

I’m using Natron 2.3.14 on Windows 10 1803

I was trying to install the Cryptomatte Plugin available in:

However I already Installed the entire natron-plugins directory, however I cant find the cryptomatte nodes inside the Software.
Other nodes from the “natron-plugin” directory are showing, but cryptomatte nodes are missing.

I was wondering if anyone else is using cryptomatte with Natron that could advise me if I´m missing a step (Perhaps installing a library or something)

Thanks a lot

Have a great Day.

(Siddhant Rane) #2

I just installed the Community Plugins on a fresh Natron install on a new PC and I can verify that the Cryptomatte_GL node is showing up in Natron and working:

If a Community Plugin node isn’t showing up inside Natron, you can search whether the PyPlug file exists in the PyPlugs folder. The path to the Cryptomatte plugin is:
[Natron installation directory]\Plugins\PyPlugs\GLSL\Keying\Cryptomatte_GL
If this directory doesn’t exist or is empty, check the natron-plugins-master.zip file you downloaded for the same. If it exists there, you can extract the Cryptomatte_GL folder from the .zip file into the PyPlugs\GLSL\Keying\ folder. If the Cryptomatte_GL folder and/or PyPlug files don’t exist in the .zip file, download it again.

(Eduardo Ramírez) #3

I had a problem with the path of the plugins, I had the folder “master-plugins” besides the pyplugs folder
I move the contents of master-plugins to pyplugs and deleted the plugins cache, but that didnt solve the issue. :\

I decided to uninstall Natron and delete the remaing folder and reinstall Downloading again everything.
And that Work. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time. and showme the correct paths.
This issue was resolve by reinstalling the software and plugins.
Have a great Day.


Hello. Sorry for the problem. We forgot to update the location path description in github. [corrected]. Here is a tutorial as well.