Hierarchical tags

I’m trying a way to add tags / metadata to jpeg files like I’m already using by the tag system in darktable.
In particular way I like to create Hierarchical tags as the darktable exports into jpeg which are then readibly by common programms like digikam, gThumb and more and file manager too.

Which command to use, using e.g. exiv2, exiftool, or others on linux shell?


I’m not sure if I understand well your question, but if you’re asking how you could copy (embed) in a jpg file the hiearchical tags you assigned with darktable, which are usually stored in the corresponding sidecar xmp file (as well as in the intenal darktabtle database), here’s a simple command, using exiftool:

exiftool -tagsFromFile (name source file).xmp (name destination file).jpg

Now, there are ways to do it for a whole directory, with various options and it can become more or less complex. Fore more info, you may have a look in the exiftool documentation: exiftool Application Documentation

Hope this helps!

I Thank you but I intend a different system.
I mean, for a concrete issue, when I make a collage of pictures then I’d like to add tags from the original tile images.

  1. I could collect tags from original tile images: in that case your command could help, could not?;
  2. I had planned to make a cleaned list of tags (in accord of hiearchical method) by a scipt lua and then put into the files: in that case I’m confused about format, fields and adeguate command… explecially if I’d like compatibility on every system (e.d darktable, digikam, adobe, windows and linux file system etc…)