High "failure" rate.

All 29 RAW images were taken at the same time, same settings etc. and yet I seem to be getting rather a high “failure” rate, 10 out of the 29, during running the script.
What criteria is used to determine whether an image is OK or failed?
Can this be changed to include more images?

You may find your answer on our FAQ: https://siril.org/faq/#why-doesnt-registration-find-stars-in-my-images

Thanks lock42. In the link and under the" Why doesn’t registration find stars in my images?" heading, which I presume is what’s happening, it says to "open the Dynamic PSF dialog window, then in the “Image information submenu” you will find here some settings to tweak.
The Information Submenu I opened is greyed out, nothing accessible in it?

Which version of siril do you use?

Actually cancel my last! You have to have done the Conversion first, and have an image displayed on the left!
I now have this menu, but I have no idea what it all means :weary:Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 14.14.51

Everything is explained here

YIKES! My 82yo brain is in overload!:woozy_face::flushed:

skip the theory paragraph

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:grin::grin: Just did! Pardon my lack of knowledge but as I understand it I can tweak the numbers in the in the Dynamic PSF folder, Radius, Threshold or Roundness Threshold, I can force the program to be less tolerant, less failures? But which does what please?

If your stars are not round you may decrease the roundness threshold, if your images have a low signal to noise, decrease the threshold, and I’m not sure for radius. Click on the first button on the left hand in the horizontal set of button below to launch star detection you will see how many it finds.

By gum, 'tis a steep learning curve but fascinating and good fodder for the old brain :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Just done my first “manual” process but have ended up with a B&W stacked.fit?

Where could I have lost my I lost the colour??

I have answered this myself, I didn’t tick the Debayer before Conversion! Learning all the time!

My first “manual” result from 0.99.8 - fantastic prog! Thanks guys.

Demosaicing must be done after preprocessing, not at conversion time. Preprocessing must be done with monochrome (CFA - colour filter array) images. There is an option in the preprocessing tab to debayer before writing the results.

Thanks again Vincent, learning all the time😎
Just ran the Conversion without Debayer and the result is B&W, no colours?

well yes, since it’s not demosaiced, that’s why it has to be done after preprocessing otherwise you never get your colours back

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