Highlight Bloom and Photoillustration Look

@sguyader Wow! It works now. Sebastien, thanks a lot for script, help and for clarification!

It is quite strong interference in the picture, I mean the effect looks like a paint :slight_smile:
Here is comparison: https://spls.blue-note.pl:53443/owncloud/index.php/s/zdFQD6I9QIZ5vWI
Thank you for sharing your script, works fine with gimp 2.8!

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Here’s a new version of the script, this time you can select toggle whether you want the tone mapping effect or not, and I changed the tone mapping settings to have a more subtle effect.
hillustrative.scm (3.0 KB)

@paperdigits please upload this new version of the script for the scripts repo.


Aaaaaaaand… I used your script and decreased opacity on the layer named graphic novel to ca 60% and voila https://flic.kr/p/Qwm1YL :slight_smile:
Default was just too much :slight_smile:

@sguyader updated!

I worked on the script again, I set the default opacity of the graphic novel layer to 50%, and I added two more options, so now you can toggle:

  • tone mapping
  • a slight desaturation
  • a vintage toning

Here’s a photo downloaded from pixabay (CC0 Public Domain, https://pixabay.com/en/music-guitar-electric-guitar-sound-890877/):

After running the script, all three options turned OFF:

With tone mapping ON:

With tone mapping + desaturation ON:

And with tone mapping + desaturation + vintage ton ON:

To finish, here’s another neat image (CC0 Public Domain, https://pixabay.com/en/hat-fashion-style-happy-man-591973/):

And after running the script with tone mapping + desaturation, and afterwise turning off the graphic novel layer, and duplicating/masking the detail layer to make the face and clothes grungier:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Edit: here’s the updated script:
hillustrative.scm (3.3 KB)


Updated in the repo. :slight_smile:

Hi Sébastien,

I’d be interested to convert your .scm script directly as a G’MIC filter, if you agree with that idea.
We could then have a filter preview, to see the effect of each parameters directly without having to apply the filter on the whole image. Also, it could hit a larger user base.
What do you think ? I’m not an expert in .scm scripting, so maybe I’ll need help at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello David,

Sure, that would be nice to have it directly in G’MIC, though I don’t know if you the “high pass” (grain extract/merge layer modes) used in my script can be replicated in G’MIC. I know that using a frequencies layer from wavelet decomposition is similar, but it is not exactly the same it looks, in my opinion, slightly less realistic.

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I’m almost sure it can. Those blending modes are also implemented in G’MIC.
I’ll take a look more closely at your script tomorrow and see what I can do.

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For those running the current development version of G’MIC 1.8.0_pre, you should be able to access the Sébastien Guyader’s filter which I’ve just converted as a G’MIC filter.
It is located in the category Artistic/, as shown below:

I’ve made the filter parameters a bit more flexible than with the original .scm script (sliders instead of just checkboxes), and there is a working split preview as well.

Please tell me if that is working for you. You need the development version 1.8.0 of the plug-in that you can find here : http://gmic.eu/files/prerelease/

Also, for curious people, here is the piece of G’MIC code I had to write, to convert the original .scm file into a G’MIC filter : http://pastebin.com/Fvf0BDzz

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks David, it works great!

@patdavid awesome. Thanks for sharing again. It’s going on my personal Dokuwiki. I’m only sad I didn’t discover it before processing and posting my comic-con images. I ended up going for a film simulation from RT to get a bit more unique than usual. Have you ever thought of combining everything from beginning of site to 2016 into an epub/pdf and then doing one yearly? Allows people to see them if the net is off or something happens to the site. Your tutorials are awesome and worth saving.

@David_Tschumperle your last post here about the Guyader filter - is that filter in Artistic a filter to automatically do all this in one step?

@Morgan_Hardwood could this be achieved in one go in RT?


I hadn’t considered it before, but now I am! @paperdigits was recently working on a print style for the site as well - I guess we could leverage that to produce something.

@djotaku yes the new filter in G’MIC does all what my script is doing in one single step.

Challenge accepted! Though it probably won’t be challenging :slight_smile:

Plus it’s digital so no cost to you if only one or two people want it.

I have downloanded the 2.0pre version and the filter work well with gimp. Tanks.

But I like apply it to tif (or png) 16 bit/channel image from command line. I had search in gmic docs but I obtain only transparent file with a vertical bar.

Sorry for bad English

Long time no speak but I thought it intersting to post a few fresh examples with a post/pre version of some shots I took this week on the beatiful island of La Palma.

Highlight bloom & photoillustration by Mike Bing, on Flickr

Highlight bloom & photoillustration by Mike Bing, on Flickr

Highlight bloom & photoillustration by Mike Bing, on Flickr


script hillustrative.scm was updated for GMIC-v2.0.0pre →