Recent GIMP scripts updated for G'MIC git (v1.80pre)

I’m using both gimp & gmic from git, so sadly Sebastien Guyader’s great scripts
for emulating a couple of effects/looks fail due to the recent change of GMIC syntax.

…so I’ve taken the liberty of updating a few lines to the new syntax:

-gimp_graphic_novelfxl => -fx_graphic_novelfxl
-gimp_smooth_anisotropic => -fx_smooth_anisotropic
-gimp_mix_rgb => -fx_mix_rgb
-gimp_map_tones_fast => -fx_map_tones_fast
-gimp_graphic_novelfxl => -fx_graphic_novelfxl

Here are the scripts:
hillustrative-GMICgit.scm (3.5 KB)

wakui-GMICgit.scm (2.0 KB)

(For Mica or admins, maybe)
Here is a zip of patches to the scripts:
hillustrative (1.6 KB)

Here is the latest (2016/12/30 4:00) reference for the gmic filter names for those that don’t want to download the 77mb of additional gmic data: (19.0 KB)

Finally, thank you, Sebastian.

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Thanks! This is more G’MIC than gimp, no? I tested the origunals with the 2.9 AppImage and they worked fine.

Hi, many thanks for this but I need some help! I’ve recently been using Ubuntu (mainly because I wanted to try Darktable) and downloaded GIMP 2.9. I cannot find a Home/Gimp scripts folder and if I try to copy your scripts into the root directory I’m refused permission. Any ideas? I’ve seen some convoluted ways of getting access to root but thats beyond me and even then I can’t see how this allows me to copy the scripts.

No need for root
For 2.9.5 linux the Gimp profile is ~/.config/GIMP/2.9/ gmic folder is similar ~/.config/gmic
example mine:

The scripts working fine in the “gimp-edge ppa” latest as of 6 days ago and gmic_gimp 1.8.0pre#12216 which I compiled 22 Dec. All looking very good.

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Ha, I thought about the category for a while :slight_smile: . My thinking was:

  • These are GIMP-Fu (scheme) scripts; they can only run in GIMP.
  • They utilise more GIMP related code than G’MIC.

Now I know what Control+ H does (I couldn’t see the hidden folders)! Thanks for the quick response and the filters work fine.
Perhaps I’m mad trying to get to grips with Ubuntu, Darktable and Gimp 2.9 all at the same time but its keeping my brain active.:grinning:

sry @bugs_rep,
2.0.0_pre gmic_gimp_gtk_win64.exe from 26-Apr-2017 15:58

got this error:

Any hint?

You’ll need to check with others who know current scriptfu parameters for current gimp/gmic, I’m afraid.

Hi there,

both scripts now running with gmic v2.0.0pre;

the only difference for each plug-in-gmic line to be shown in this example:
(plug-in-gmic 1 theImage bluedarksLayer 1 “-v -99 -fx_mix_rgb 1,0,0,1,0,0,0.60,0,0,1,2”)
has become
(plug-in-gmic-gtk 1 theImage bluedarksLayer 1 0 “-v -99 -fx_mix_rgb 1,0,0,1,0,0,0.60,0,0,1,2”)

hillustrative-GMIC_v200pre.scm (3,7 KB)
wakui-GMIC_v200pre.scm (2,1 KB)