Highlight Bloom and Photoillustration Look


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(Mac Lo) #22



Wow, the effect on your picture reminds me of the adobe product’s results which are hip nowadays. Maybe they are using something similar in the background, because that community doesn’t want to get any realism anyway. :wink:


If I’m not wrong something like this should also be possible using wavelets decompose, right?
Because basically we are separating the details from the “rest” or “residual” and then working on the residual…

(Pat David) #25

This is basically started with a high/low frequency separation. So yes, it’s the same fundamental idea as wavelets. A wavelet residual tends to be much more coarse than the lowpass used here, though.

(Lisa Golladay) #26

Thanks for your advice, everyone. Now I owe you an example! Sguyader’s “new active layer” suggestion works perfectly for me.

(Jonas Wagner) #27

I also did a quick experiment:

Looks quite cool! :slight_smile:

(Mike Bing) #28

“Pretty in pink”



I find the results terrible for hair, grass and similar fine details. It looks like that big thing some ten or fifteen years ago when everyone started to discover the smudge brush in GIMP to make their images look like paintings. Absolutely terrible.


One question. I use Gimp and G’Mic in Windows. Is it possible for me to run the above commands?
Some Scripting in Gimp maybe?

(Mica) #31

This is for the gmic command line tool; install stand alone gmic and you can run it.


Oh good. Thank you!!


There is provision to add your own filter in gimp-gmic. Look in the gimp-gmic menu About -> Filter Design.

example http://imgur.com/0zhSGrm

That appears in the menu as Mine -> DaveHill

Applied twice for a strong effect.

before and after http://imgur.com/FvSF3TH

no preview, no options, a straight apply


Oh cool, thank you :grin:

(Mac Lo) #35

a new attempt:

(Phil Howcroft) #36

Here is my effort …after image …followed by before … Pretty cool processing

(Rafa Br) #37

Here is my attempt. Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial!





Comments are welcome!



(Alex) #38

A couple of attempts I made. The image is a popular one (very!!) from Stowe, near Buckingham, of the Palladian Bridge and Gothic Temple.

First, the original JPEG:


and converted to B&W using Nik Silver Efex:

Not sure which one I like best …


(keith) #39

@Biff I really like the black and white, if you could do something with the sky, it would be a winner.

(Phil Howcroft) #40

I think the Sky lets the mono down as there is too much grain / noise in the cloudless bits !!! The other bits of mono are fabulous.

Nice shots though :slight_smile: