Highlight clipping tool masks reds as well?

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Hi all,

I started to use RawTherapee since I installed Linux and I’m using it as my main OS. Started to play with the software and I noticed something really unusual: clicking the “Highlight Clipping” button, I get highlights correctly masked out, but also some red areas in the photos are masked, just like they were clipped… am I missing something? Is it supposed to do this? I tried looking on RawPedia but found nothing so far…

I’m attaching a screenshot: as you can see, the second rider from the left gets some of her red jacket clipped out as it was an highlight.

What do you think?


Most likely only red channel is clipping in her jacket.

See this section:

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And is supposed to be clipped as an highlight anyway? I think I saw channel-specific clipping only in RawTherapee… Is there a way to have it work on all the three channels instead of just one?


Wecome @Lorthirk

When One of the 3 channels is clipped, the color you display is wrong.
You can also observe in the histogram that this channel is clipped.
The indicator works effectively simultaneously on the 3 channels and will highlight areas where at least one channel lies at or above the specified highlight threshold.

In your image, the sky is clipped (perhaps one, two or worse the three channels). In last case the sky appears completely white.
Some part of the red jacket is also clipped. We can suspect that only red is clipped. Color cannot be displayed correctly in this condition.

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Yeah, it makes sense after all. Thanks for the detailed explanation!


Also, it’s very useful to know that you can use the little red, green and blue squares to the left of the highlight indicator button to quickly find out which channels are actually clipping.

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If you need to check whether all channels are clipped, you can use the Luminosity preview while highlight clipping indicator is enabled:

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Neat! Thank you all!

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Docs updated.

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