Highlight degradation RawTherapee

(Stefan) #1

With current version 26.06.2017 Highlight looks good. With same settings versions 5.2 and current 06.09.2017 Highlight in some images looks very bad.

(Alberto) #2

Seems like a regression in LCP vignetting correction. Thanks for reporting! I’ll have a look. In the meantime, could you please open an issue on github, and share the RAW file if possible?

(Stefan) #3

I open an issue on github with link to RAW file.Thanks for reply.

(John) #4

I’m seeing slightly more shape in the “bad” one in the effected areas in the clouds. Looking at the greenery bottom left I’d be inclined to feel that bad again is better. That leaves rock bottom right - bit dependant on what it did look like.

All in all I feel that the new version is doing a better job.


(Alberto) #5

I have to look at the raw before being able to tell for sure, but to my eyes the new version is overcorrecting the vignetting, so I think the issue is legitimate.

(Ingo Weyrich) #6

Hi Alberto,

we had a similar issue some time ago when using flatfield files for vignetting correction.
Maybe we need something like this also for lcp vignetting correction.

(Alberto) #7

Thanks @heckflosse, I’ll have a look. But my no.1 candidate is the new LCP matching logic that I recently introduced – I probably messed up vignetting correction unintentionally…

(Stefan) #8

The version downloaded today and yours patch for lcp.cc and lcp.h works well!
The problem is eliminated incredibly fast!