Highlight recovery in DT and RT

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My 2 cents… preserve chrominance “no”
I have dozens of sunset - mostly all the same.

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I agree the chrome preservation has a big impact…also blending filmic in lightness mode preserved a lot more color than the default setting

For me, the point is the color shifting: orange into magenta/purple/pink.
Sometimes a sunset looks pink, but if it’s orange, it has to be orange.

Ya not being there you have to trust the camera WB on this one as there is no good reference and the auto or auto of the average takes all the orange out of it…so unless you were there hard to make a good call on the “true” WB or at least the way we would each see it

and this is my take of it (img-70db00752b83805d75f0b0021c12ba47.CR2.xmp 11.6 KB)

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