Highlight recovery teaser

Nice, show us an over exposed sky example please!

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This is quite strange. As I was typing “pixls.us” in the address bar to visit the forum I was thinking about highlight recovery and how I’m not able to get anywhere near good results with darktable and how I’m very close to happy with what RawTherapee brings. Seconds later I find this thread and I’m filled with hope! Is there any chance this could be translated into something that could be used in RT?

Yes, , more examples please! :raised_hands:

Unfortunately, I have not given any more time to this.

Well, welcome back here! @Iain

Good to see you well. Yes, still am doing filters to this day.

Any chance you could share this raw file for highlight reconstruction testing?

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Here are 3 raw files. I put these images in the public domain.


could you add a license?

I edited my post: I put these images in the public domain.

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Thanks a lot!

I’ve done some more experimenting and got this particularly good result.



Looking good. Any chance this can be added to RT or will be distributed as a stand alone package?

I don’t have the skills for that, I’m afraid.

There are several great RawTherapee developers who I am sure would love to help out if you share your code.

@chaimav His source code is always available on github/gmic-community. For it to be added, someone on the RT team with the skillset would need to understand gmic syntax. He also made a description of the algorithm in a post above.

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What is the first frame showing? No highlight reconstruction or any of the available reconstruction methods? A lot of reconstructed area, but also a lot of strange artifacts/patterns. I in this particular case, if I had to chose, I would pick the clipped version. Looks like an extreme case though. I’d be interested in sunsets with a clipped sun.

This is synthesis of information when all three channels are clipped. It can’t be compared to other available methods because they don’t do this.

It probably isn’t useful for a clipped sun, but I have tried it on clipped clouds and it can give goods results.

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Oh! Then I would say it’s very impressive.

Clouds recovery would be even more interesting.

Results from the latest modifications ~ 1 stop of highlight synthesis on clouds.


Thanks to @garagecoder for his local boxfilter in GMIC :slight_smile: :smiley:

Edit: Previous example with new modifications. Highlight synthesis and my custom colour propagation.


Had some fun with trying my highlight synthesis with images from other threads.

Top; RT. Bottom; Mine.




From: Vignetting correction / highlight recovery in ART / Rawtherapee