Highlights policy


Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, but can I ask about RT’s default highlights policy ?
The decoding engine, or dcraw, has a few option to manage highlights, including

-H 0
Clip all highlights to solid white (default).
-H 1
Leave highlights unclipped in various shades of pink.
-H 2
Blend clipped and unclipped values together for a gradual fade to white.

etc… (according to the man page of dcraw:https://www.cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw/dcraw.1.html)

Which one is RT’s defaut ?

(Alberto) #2

iirc the default is to clip (not 100% sure). but you have plenty of options:



Hi agriggioAlberto,

Many thanks for your intervention.
I also hope that RT’s default is “H 0”.


(Alberto) #4

@PCU2 note that even if that’s not the default, you can just untick “highlight reconstruction”, and have that saved in your default processing profile.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

RawTherapee is not a GUI for dcraw.

(Alberto) #6

absolutely. I thought it was obvious but maybe I should have said it explicitly. (a custom version of) dcraw is only used for decoding raw files. from there on, RT does its own things…