Histogram not showing up in Generalized Hyperbolic Transformation

So I’m using GHT and the sliders window show up great but isn’t the histogram also supposed to appear so I can see how it is being manipulated? I was looking at a tutorial on this and it shows the histogram but that doesn’t show up for me, just the slider panel.


Welcome! What version of Siril are you using and what operating system?

omygosh that was fast lol.

I am using windows 10 64bit and 1.0.6 Siril

Yeah it’s hardly usable without a histogram. Oh well, Thanks.

So it is normal.
The tool has an histogram only in the future 1.2.0 version.

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Hmm. So you have traveled backwards in time to tell me this. This must be the case because I don’t have that release version. Or maybe there is a conspiracy against me to keep the now released version 1.2.0 from me. That is unlikely and you did say future so you are the time traveler. Sigh… I never get to time travel.

Is there a way for non-time traveling people to get this 1.2.0 release, or are you just hear to taunt us with your superiority?

(clearly it is past my bedtime)

Or the other option is that I’m a developer and I added it in the development version which will be the next version.
So being patient is probably the best thing to do.

Yes, I guess you’re right, that is the sensible approach. Thank you for the reply!
I really like Siril, it is very simple yet powerful bit of software.

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What’s the expected release date for 1.2.0?

we don’t fix dates, we release when it’s ready, but given all that’s left to do, I’d say between three weeks and three months.

And three years? ^^^

Can’t wait! SIRIL team is amazing!