History and/or reset - seeing our footprints

(Gord) #1

I’ve often found that when doing work in RT I want to know the actual change in values I made with a tool, not just the fact that I used a particular tool. For example, say the highlight compression threshold when I loaded a photo was 33, and the third thing I did to the image was change this to 44. Now I’m 15 steps further in, and let’s say I’ve been interrupted by a telemarketer, and the history shows me that the setting is now 44 but…I don’t remember that it was initially 33 or 55, and nothing shows me what the actual adjustment was.

I can see a couple of ways of providing this information:

  • Add a column to the history that shows the previous value.
  • Add a tool tip to the reset button that shows the value that would be set by ctrl-clicking the reset button.

Either of these would seem useful to me, but I’m not sure whether I’m alone in that.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Ctrl+click the reset button.

(Gord) #3

Sorry, I guess I didn’t express myself clearly. Ctrl+click resets the setting to its original value, but there is no indication of what that original value is without actually doing the ctrl+click to do the reset, at which point the adjusted value can no longer be seen.
I think it would be handy if the history showed something like:

| Contrast | 28 -> 34 |

and/or the reset button tool tip showed the values that would result from click and ctrl+click.

Whenever I am doing anything on a computer and feel the urge to grab a pencil and paper, it makes me wonder if there is a better way. Perhaps that’s just a reflection of the fact that my memory isn’t what it used to be! :smiley:

(Mica) #4

I think what @Morgan_Hardwood means is that, if you have adjusted the value of a slider, you can click the reset button to see the original value, then ctrl + click the reset button the slider will go back to the previously set value. I wasn’t aware of this either.

(Gord) #6

That sounds like a great solution if I understand correctly. It would allow you to toggle the setting between the adjusted value and the original value.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me. After making an adjustment to a setting:

  • clicking reset changes the value to 0;
  • ctrl+clicking reset changes the value back to the original value from when the photo was loaded.

Clicking ctrl+click a second time does not restore the adjusted setting. It just restores the original value from when the photo was loaded, same as the first ctrl+click. So the adjusted setting is lost.

I was using 4.2.1 on Windows 7 64-bit, I upgraded it to 4.2.1148 and got the same results.

If I do the same thing on Ubuntu Trusty with RT ctrl+click resets to 0 just like click, so I presume the ctrl+click “reset to original” functionality was introduced after that release.


I just tried the Ctrl+Click thing, and now I’m confused too!

EDIT: I just read the RAWPedia, and it all makes sense now. :slight_smile:

Each slider has three values in memory:

  • The current value, when you move the slider to any position,
  • The ‘default’ value, the one that the programmer has set as default. It can be called back by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button,
  • The ‘initial’ value, which is the value of the profile used when the image was loaded in the editor. It can be called back by Control-clicking on the ‘Reset’ button.

I also would like to see this.

Proposal for Raw Therapee Tutorial Site
(Wojciech Lenartowicz) #8

2 years later:
Hi mates, I started to use RT today and I was fooling around, changed photo and I wanted to reset settings on 1st photo but I couldn’t.
All I wanted was to go back to what I call “as shot” and start over, so undo all changes I made in RT.

Found a way, workaround require to delete *.pp3 file RT created in folder with RAW file.

As I am new (installed it 1h ago) and would ask, if there is any way I could do that in the application (to have same results)? Or my work around is the only way?


(Mica) #9

You can turn off all the filters that are on by clicking the power button next to the filter. It disables the filter but keeps the setting you have. You can also click the neutral button in exposure to reset those settings.

You could also make a pp3 preset which disables everything, then apply it to your image.

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

@Wojciech_Lenartowicz to go back to the initial view, just re-apply the default processing profile for raw photos, which as of RawTherapee 5.4 is called “Auto-Matched Curve - ISO Low”.