History for 1st image vanishes after opening 2nd image


(Ramesh) #1

I am new to RawTherapee 5.4, and having problem with History panel. I hope someone can clarify my doubts.

Say I have two images A1 & A2. I make few changes to A1, and these changes appear in History-Tab.
Then I click on A2, and then click again on A1. Now the History panel for A1 is empty. It does not show the changes that was previously made to A1.

Is there a way to see the complete history of changes performed on image file?


(Morgan Hardwood) #2


(Gord) #3

I’ve always wished the answer was not “no.”

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

There are already thoughts to improve this…

(David Wilson) #5

If you have two images open and you switch between them the edit history should remain in the history panels until you close the image. If the history is lost when you switch between image tabs then this would be a bug.

(Ingo Weyrich) #6

Yes, that’s true for METM. In SETM the history is lost when switching between images.

(David Wilson) #7

I have not used SETM (FILMSTRIP) mode for years so did not realise.

I can understand not wanting the memory overhead of keeping increasing amounts the history data as a user works through a long set of images.

Would be of benefit to regular users of SETM mode to hold the history data for perhaps the last four images, so you could at least move back and forth between a small group of images without incurring a big memory overhead ?

(Florent) #8

What’s METM and SETM?
How do we switch to SETM?

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(Florent) #10

Thanks :slight_smile: