History versus changes stack

First of all, I am not fluent at english. Please, be lenient at reading.

The history stack is a very convenient tool within RawTherapee. IMO, it lacks some features.
I suggest to modify the history stack into an editable and recordable changes stack :

  1. The stack is not recorded with the parameters. I often edit a picture with several steps. So when reediting a picture, the stack is no longer available.
  2. I often need to cancel a change, but not the last of the history. Since I mainly edit curves, its hard to redo a change because it is after the change I want to cancel. It would be convenient to activate them individually.
  3. It would be convenient to reorder the changes within the stack. The process pipeline is independant of the stack, It would be only a mean to organize the editing process.

I agree that a changes stack would speed up post-processing. darktable has an active modules tab (so does Photivo, which hasn’t been updated in many years).