Hola, I am new here and I use an old PC with XP for my Editing


So I have an XP Pro PC with PshopCS5.1
I have RT on it with the 5.xx made for 32 bit XP OS…
But when I go to send to my program, I crash.
When I Save to Tiff, I crash.

Currently I am sorting pics on my new 64 bit i-7 PC Win 7 Pro opening in RT on this machine, saving to a flash drive and moving to older PC. Would be nice to only use XP PC which is how I had it all setup.
Then I decided to upgrade my camera!!! and I opened a whole can of worms.

I bought a new Canon SL2 which only has Raw 9.12 and my pshop says it only supports up to 9.11, go figure. So before freaking too much I got into 3rd party Raw programs whch led me here. I got a partial solution which works great. Just wondering If I can get it working on my XP PC only.


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Windows XP is way way way way out of support. I’d suggest you get rid of it as soon as possible. If you don’t have a compatible version of Photoshop for Win 7, then you should check out the GIMP.


I am sure there is a reason why you would use an old machine when you have a new one. I suggest you try Linux on your old one if it cannot run win7. winXP has lots of constraints including memory that would make it hard for you to process your images and handle more sophisticated apps.


Hola @whiteroom and welcome!

@paperdigits @afre Would one of the appimages perhaps help him?

Claes in Lund, Sweden


Not if @whiteroom uses Windows. I wonder if dcraw has support for SL2.


wow thanks for the replies.

@paperdigits i have Gimp and just downloaded the most recent which is how I found RT.

I am very accustomed to Pshop and am a bit set n my ways.

@afre yes my old XP PC has all the 3D programing i use for other work. It has been my go to forever.

Maybe I just need to learn to use Gimp better. I works great on my Win 7 PC. Just takes me forever to unlearn Pshop and learn Gimp. Thank you for the replies all.


Just for fun: have you investigated what Linux has to offer regarding 3d-thingies? Blender, for instance.

More info here: https://toppersworld.com/top-10-3d-modeling-rendering-software-for-linux/

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


There could be at least two problems:
1- lack of DWM on XP ( RT should crash immediatly)
Some years ago,the dev team decided to switch from the obsolete GTK2 to GTK3.
On Windows, GTK3 uses the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_Window_Manager) through the DWM API.
DWM was first introduced in Windows Vista and thus not available on XP.
So the last version available for XP is RawTherapee_5.0-r1-gtk2_WinXP_32.zip available at https://rawtherapee.com/downloads

Note : it is true also for Windows 32 bits I build. The can only be run on Vista and above.

2- lack of memory (more certainly the problem)
due to 32 bit memory access and windows memory management, RT can crash when “saving” an image (because it is there that final processing is done).
The use of the /3GB flag can improve the situation but will be insufficient for processing large images from new cameras.
In https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/The_Floating_Point_Engine you will find some other precautions to take in this situation.


@claes I have blender.exe and it works great. And its in windows!

@gaaned92 I have the latest RT thant you linked to on my XP machine and it is stable up to either saving or sending to Pshop.

What is this /3gb flag? aah, nevermind I need to read. Thank you for the heads up.

I will do my research


@gaaned92 and everyone who commented, THANK YOU!!!

The /3gb fix worked. I can send a RAW file from my NEW Canon SL2 24.2 MP to Pshop CS 5.1 from RT all running on an XP Pro AMD Quad 3.4 Phenom.

And so far it is all stable! Wonderful!!!