Horribly complicated and convoluted

I have a Graduate degree in Computer Science and I am the database administrator for a major University.

In past I downloaded and used RT with local adjustments. Now when I launch RT with local adjustments, nothing happens. I check Task Manager and it’s not there.

For the past 30 minutes I have been searching for a download of this to no avail.

I am not the brightest person in the world but my search should not be this difficult.

And why does a search of “rawtherapee local adjustments download” on this site send me to the middle of a multi message thread? Why the middle? I don’t see the logic.

IMHO this exercise is in keeping with RT itself. Well intention-ed, capable but complicated to the nth degree, requiring endless ramp up time.

Sorry I vent a lot.

It takes you to a specific post because that’s where the text matched your search query best.

Local adjustments are getting a lot of work and testing right now, as the feature is under heavy development.

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Where can I download it

@dellaaa Your post title is neither descriptive nor helpful to solve your actual problem.
The local adjustment feature has been added after the latest 5.8 release, as you can read about here. This is why there is no mention of it on the www.rawtherapee.com website yet, it has not yet been part of an official release. Only if you search into the forum or try out a nightly build, will you find what you’re looking for. In the past year there has been continuous effort to improve the tool, as you can see from the number of closed issues on GitHub.
tl;dr Try out a nightly build: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/tag/nightly


I think it’s rather complicated for the dev to understand what is happening without any information.
At least this information can be helpful:

  • your OS
  • the RT version with local adjustment you were using and from which location you downloaded it
  • The RT version you are using now without local adjustment and from which location you downloaded it

I imagine that when some user complain of some glitch or issue you require some documented report.

For RT documentation you can have a look at http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Main_Page and specifically http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Download#Development_Builds


Thanks I downloaded RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2804-g0bf7c4e56_20210303.exe and it worked. Thanks

Weird, when I first ran it, it ran minimized, I had to right click and select Maximize. Wierd

As to “search should not be difficult” - if this were commercial software you wouldn’t be able to download anything as far as that feature is concerned. You’d simply have to wait for the next official release, and you might not even know until the release happened that the feature existed.


To be fair, search on the forum has become worse this half year. I search quite often, mostly to see how I can help newer people. However, I don’t get the hits that I once had with the same queries. Search results tend to lead to adjacent threads and posts (by 1-5) from which I have to scroll up or down or link to. Such a time waster. I don’t know exactly why this is… More of an annoyance really. I am still quite quick at finding what I want.

Do you mean that you don’t see the window at all? Or is the window of a smaller size? If I recall correctly, there was a bug where the window was below the screen and therefore couldn’t be accessed. Maybe minimization is an artifact of that post-fix.