Horses in shed (B&W).

Another image from, what is becoming my continuing early morning walks series. Due to the very early hour, slight overcast and distance I had to shoot this at 310mm, 1/100s and ISO 1600, which isn’t ideal for a shot like this. Ah, well, part of the go for a walk and also take your camera territory…

I always think of Jonathan Chritchley when I see horses, especially this series: Icehorses. His work in general is one of my inspirational sources. Such a good eye for beauty and simplicity. Been a fan for years.

This work by Jacques Dekker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


Oh this is a lovely black and white! The tones are excellent and the composition is quite nice. I don’t think I’d change a thing! Well done.

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With the white horse being the centre piece it was a bit of a struggle to get the mid tones and darker shadows correct.

Did a good job, if I say so myself: There’s plenty detail in all of the whites but the back of the shed is also still visible. Getting the second horse correct was the hardest to do…

Do watch it full size.

Wonderful, for a go for a walk and also take your camera. I doubt the composition could be any better, when planned carefully.

I know, the image is in the “Showcase” category but if I could give some constructive criticism I would leave a little more space under the horse’s head. I don’t know if the image was cropped there, otherwise of course it can’t be changed afterwards.

As long as it is constructive and substantiated I don’t mind at all!

I did not crop the bottom part.

Going lower would have included part of the hoofs/feet from the second horse, which I did not like when shooting this one. Including all or part of the hoofs and part of the floor just didn’t feel right when I framed it.

I agree that it would have been nicer if I pressed the trigger just a bit earlier and had a bit more separation between bottom of the frame and the lower part of the horse’s head.


c’est magnifique,

Merci pour vos aimables paroles.