Hot pixel filter not working xtrans?

Hello everyone,

after shooting this image i have noticed a lot of hot pixels.

Long exposure (150s), but i don’t remember so many hot pixels in the past… i have tried the hot pixel filter, with ART 1.20.2, but nothing changes after enabling the filter…

Here is the raw image - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers

Camera Fuji X-T20.

Thank you in advance.

Indeed this was not implemented for xtrans, but adding some basic support should not be impossible. I’ll see what I can do


That would be very cool (no pun intended)!

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Hi Alberto,

I saw today that you started implementing the hot/dead pixel filter for xtrans. I tried it, and it seems to work fine. I just have to lower the threshold frequently to get more of the hot pixels filtered out.
Regarding dead pixels, I’m not too sure. Either my camera has only hot pixels and not dead pixels, or I don’t know how this filter works, but in my case it didn’t seem to filter any pixel.
Let me know if you need some sample raw files.

I thought dead pixels are remapped at the firmware level in modern cameras? Anyway, certainly having more examples won’t hurt :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

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Hi Alberto,

Here you will find a couple raw files I took with my XT-2, which has a lot of hot pixels:

I have seen the commit, but unfortunatly i’m unable to compile art on my old distro so i’ll have to wait new appimage.

@agriggio My fuji xt20 doesn’t have an option to remap… i’m asking some friend for other samples even if doubt i’ll receive something, thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to see if some fine tuning is needed for xtrans

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The X-T20 has the same pixel mapping function as other cameras of the X line. From the user manual, page 130:

  1. Press MENU/OK in the shooting display and select the “IQ” IMAGE QUALITY SETTING tab.
  2. Highlight PIXEL MAPPING and press MENU/OK to perform pixel mapping. Processing may take a few seconds.

Results are not guaranteed.
Be sure the battery is fully charged before beginning pixel mapping.
Pixel mapping is not available when the camera temperature is elevated.

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Thanks again for the samples. I’ve tuned the threshold, it should work better now. Let me know if you see something strange though

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Hi Alberto,

Your latest tweak to the threshold is good, the hot pixels filter works great now with the default serttings. Thank you very much!

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really sorry for the big delay. here three samples with problems →

@sguyader thank you for the info… missed out that function…

I don’t see too many problems. For the first 2 pictures, after activating the hot pixels filter and setting the threshold to 50, I only see 1 problematic spot left (bottom left part of the image). I guess most of the time you can simply use the spot healing tool for this single problematic area.
In the last image I found no issue and the threshold at 100 seemed to work fine.

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Yes there aren’t many hot pixels here. Thank you again i’ll try by myself when a new appimage will be released!

Tried @agriggio thank you!