Hotel Room High Contrast

This was a test shot made in a hotel room with very dark furnishings and a very bright window.
I initially thought that I would need the ‘bells and whistles’ of filmic to control the light but finally found that sigmoid did a far better job with less fuss.
Two problems/questions: there is a blue tone on the table that I do not understand … how best to correct; and how does one determine the total dynamic range that is captured by the raw data in any image.

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Hi @davidvj,

I think that your RAF did not upload correctly???

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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I think its the light through the wine glass…if you don’t like it you could likely clone it out or just mask and desaturate it to taste?? Looks like you hit post before the image completed updating…might have to do an edit and reupload…

Yes, the RAW file didn’t managed to be uploaded (today was a horrible day for internet connections all over the world due to cyberattacks, as I’ve apprehended also from the news).

To me that blue on the table seems to be a natural reflection of the blue of the sky, but I can’t really say without the RAW image in hand. What puzzles me more are the highlights around the handles of the windows.

Do you think maybe the empty glass…esp since it has a spherical shape or halo ??

@priort if you are asking to me, about the “electrified” handles, it would be extremely odd that both the glasses consistently were lightning exactly the two handles, and more because the main source of light comes from the opposite direction.

No that blue reflection with the round halo…

I’m pretty sure it’s the sunlight which you can see is coming in at a steep angle, reflecting off the (presumably rather shiny) handles.
I agree that the blue on the table is a section of blue sky :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that the ‘electrified’ handles are the reflection from the back side of the hardware.
Am trying to upload the .RAF again … real internet speed problem today!! Must be that weather balloon.
20230204_0009.RAF (53.7 MB)

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No shenanigans, just a bit of work with the filmic curve to lift out the shadows. It did need highlight reconstruction for the bright parts of the window frame.

I think the blue on the table is reflected skylight, and the halos around the window handles are reflected sunlight off the handles themselves, owing to the angle of the sun as depicted in the shadows…

Nice photo to play with. I used filmic and I did a drawn mask for the interior and lightened it while retaining the exterior exposure. Thanks for the opportunity.
20230204_0009.RAF.xmp (16.6 KB)

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I like this image - very peaceful, but one wonders who will be occupying the room.

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It is the peace table of Zelensky and Putin. Deserted!

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Thanks for posting
darktable 4.2

20230204_0009_02.RAF.xmp (14.5 KB)

My play. Very simple treatment - a blend of 0EV to +4EV using Enfuse.


20230204_0009-3.jpg.out.pp3 (14,9 KB)

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RT 5.9: Abstract profile exposure adjustments, log local edit + minor tweaks. Sofa laptop tweak

20230204_0009.jpg.out.pp3 (15.3 KB)

The blue goes haywire when you try to push saturation in a very low saturation scene. It’s quite subtle in the actual file and most likely sky reflected in the table.


20230204_0009.RAF.xmp (11.2 KB)

My version.


I tried to lift the shadows of furniture without losing the highlights.

20230204_0009.RAF.xmp (12.2 KB)


My version…

20230204_0009.RAF.xmp (17.7 KB)