How can I compose two or more images side-by-side?

(Colin Paul Adams) #1

… or in a grid. I imagine this is something easily done in the GIMP, but I almost never use it, so I don’t know how to go about it.

Doing it in Darktable would be even better, but I doubt if it is easy.

(Mica) #2

Do you want the images arranged automatically or just and easy way to manually place them in GIMP?

@patdavid has written about how to do contact sheets using image magic already:

(Tobias) #3

Doing it in Darktable would be even better, but I doubt if it is easy.

In the darktable Lua documentation is a example script for creating a mosaic. Look into the section: “Exporting our images as a mosaic”

If you need help with creating the script just ask.

(Colin Paul Adams) #4

Manually place them in GIMP.
Thanks for the tutorial reference.


Are you asking for a method to assist with placement? If so, I would consider using:

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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Thanks everyone. I have enough there to go on.


There is an easy way to do that (and more) with Gimp: indexprint.
But it doesnt work with Gimp 2.9 (for me)
If someone…


Re indexprint. There is a contact email at the bottom of this page:


Done… got answer but without success.
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XNViewMP can do that easily with just one click.



Nobody think of using the old Pandora script (the .scm before it was updated

Use a zero overlap screenshot:

Ok, there will be a bit of moving involved, maybe some cropping and a background needed, but it is quick.


Indexprint works for me !!!
(gimp 2.9 linux)
Not so easy to install, but powerful


Good job! Please share how you managed to install it for those who might be interested.


Here a screenshot. All .py files have “executable” property.

(Colin Paul Adams) #15



Dowload last version (2014 !!), unzip in your plugins directory, make all .py files executable…
and get a rich and hihly configurable interface in File->Indexprint Development. That’s all!


Hey Colin,
I am not sure what the terminology in english is, so I made this screenshot for you. You should be able to find the respective settings. All more or less self-explaining. Let me know if it worked for you.


(Colin Paul Adams) #18

Looks nothing like what I see :frowning: Must be a different version.
Thanks anyway.

Anyway, I have more pressing problems. Libreoffice Impress gives general I/O errors when trying to save after the 5th silde. Which picture I add affects this, but I can’t find any common factors.


Hm, which is your OS and which is the version you are using?
Don’t you have the “Create”-menu at all?

Here I have version 0.88 64 bit, Arch Linux.


ps. As for libre-office. Is it this error?

(Colin Paul Adams) #20

0.88. Linux.