How can I delete all my computer's data + photo library from RawTherapee?


My iMac’s hard drive is nearly full up. Part of the problem, I think, is that RawTherapee appears to have the drive’s data stored in RT. Duplicated. As well as all my photos. Again, duplicated.

My photos are stored elsewhere on the hard drive, so what I’m asking is how to delete them from RT. And then how to delete my hard drive’s data as well.

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RawTherapee doesn’t manage your files for you. It keeps a thumbnail cache, but that shouldn’t get too large. The cache certainly isn’t a copy of your whole library.


@allan Welcome to the forum! RT doesn’t duplicate files.

– It opens files on the spot and saves the edits to *.pp3 sidecar (tiny metadata) files.
– It has app data for its preferences and other needs, like any other app.
– It allows you to process and export processed files to your preferred destination.

My suggestion is that you check to see if you have actually copied your files to multiple locations of your hard disk drive. Possibly, your system backed it up using Time Machine or something similar. We won’t know until you investigate and report back. I also don’t use macOS.

But be careful what you delete! Backup and think carefully before you do.


Hello afre - I know files are in multiple locations, just gotta find them all.

But what shows in these screen shots are portions of “Folders” on the RawTherapee screen. The first screen shot reveals Applications, the second part of a long column of photos. I am confused. Do you know if these “Folders” are taking up duplicated space on my hard disk? And if so, how may I delete them?

Thanks for your time. I think RawTherapee is a terrific application. It’s brought about some real nice photos from Raw files and once I know more about its capabilities I hope for better results.



No problem. I am glad that you like it.

These are files that already exist on your hard disk drive. If you look at the left hand side, right now you are in the File Browser mode, which is basically a mini Finder within RT. At the top is the path of the folder that you have open. Basically, RT is looking at the files within you User folder; they aren’t duplicates!


Whew. Thanks afre. That is a big relief.


Welcome @allan

For further information, I suggest you read rawpedia


Hello gaaned92 - Good Advice! Thanks, Allan