How can i get this texture with Gmic?


(bill) #1

I am trying with Gmic to get the same texture of this photo

The best that i have got by using deblur + local enhancement + anisotropy and Highlight bloom:

Can anyone have an idea about that please?

The original is:

(Pat David) #2

Maybe play with the parameters of something like Dream Smoothing a bit? Yours already looks quite close, though.


I agree with Pat: not bad at all!
How about trying somewhat less contrast?

(Mica) #4

Posterize + smooth?


@bil80 If you don’t mind, sharing your settings would help us understand your workflow. In the meantime, I see 2 main differences:

  • Clipping and contrast. Maybe use -cut or -apply_curve.
  • Details or lack thereof; e.g., eyebags :joy:. Maybe use -guided.

Or GIMP equivalents if that is what you are using.

(bill) #6

Yes with a little Dream Smoothing + bilateral + normalize local variance parameters i got it:

Thank you