How can I improve my editing process?

I have recently transitioned to Gimp, and looking for ways to improve/optimize my process of these repetitive edits. I often do 150-200 so even the slightest optimization can save me hours!

I know how I could have done these much faster on Photoshop, with batch actions, and even would have gotten a better result, but I am fairly satisfied with the result for this first attempt.

Already noticed errors, are the feather edge of the select tool. I should have increased the feather to avoid the visible edges when adjusting levels of the face area.

Also, I should have taken better pictures to start with!

That said, resizing each picture separately, seems like a waste of time. On Photoshop, I could set the crop tool to crop resize the cropped image to a set dimension and resolution, even if i scaled it. I could also freely rotate it. So just the crop tool, saved me 3 steps per picture!

Sounds like your are wanting to do batch processing.

Two ways:

You might prefer the BIMP [sic] plug-in …


Another way is to transition to Raw Therapee which lets you save and reuse PP3 (equivalent to XMP) files - only needing one file for a batch.


I actually tried to install Bimp just before making this clip, but failed to. I would imagine that it is mainly because I am new to Linux and also because my effort to learn how to install it, was at 60% as I was in the middle of editing the images, so maybe I should try to install again later.

Good luck with BIMP, I also edited re: RawTherapee while you were typing …

darktable also has copy modules from one image to another or several others.

I’d love to be able to do that in GIMP. I expect there is a way.

However one thing that can GIMP does is to save the settings each time a filter is used, or one can save a named memory. That saves a lot of time in, for instance, applying the same curve settings to a number of very similar settings.

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It will depend on your linux distro, it might be in your repo.

It is not a difficult plugin to compile, however if you use ubuntu / mint …

A compiled version is worth a try,

Edit: If you have a flatpak Gimp installed then there is a dedicated BIMP plugin.
If using a “SNAP” version then you are probably out-of-luck as far as BIMP is concerened.