How can I install Gimp on Ubuntu OS?

I am trying to install Gimp onto my laptop running Ubuntu 20.04. I’m sure there is someone here also running Ubuntu, however I am not tech savy enough to do it on my own. Any help is greatly appreciated,

Like any other software that’s available packaged for Ubuntu.
I use 21.04 with KDE, which is a later release, and not the default desktop environment. But in each Ubuntu version, there is some kind of tool (Software Center or the like) that allows you to install and remove software.
Check the following articles, and see which tool is installed on your system.
If all else fails, open a terminal, and type:
sudo apt install gimp

Start here:

You have a choice:

  1. sudo apt install Gimp will give you the default Gimp 2.10.18
  2. There is a PPA GIMP Image Editor : Panda Jim and that will get you Gimp 2.10.30
  3. Go to, follow the directions for installing a Flatpak Gimp. At the moment Gimp 2.10.30
  4. The 'buntu software store gives a ‘Snap’ Gimp 2.10.?? (not my favourite method)

Only the Flatpak comes with python built-in for those useful python plugins.

I use kubuntu 20.04 and the PPA. I installed python myself using old packages (a PITA) There is an recent method of adding python using a small clever appimage, all depends on what is considered essential.