How can I remove a blue and red squiggle over my image?

My image has a red and blue squiggle which I would like to remove.
Any way of doing this with GIMP 2.10.30 or Inkscape 1.3, rather than me re-creating the white and green lines again?

I cannot see any easy way. Using resynthesizer + heal selection, two passes one for near vertical lines, one for near horizontal. Then it becomes tedious cloning and painting in whatever remains.

Still need to paint in the lettering but it was just a 5 minute job.

I’ll re-create the white and green. Just trying to find Gimp lines with start and ends…something like Google Draw.

Straight lines with Gimp ?

click on beginning - hold the shift key down - click on the end point.

another way is draw in as a path, then Edit → Stroke Path

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I just entered text, so I had to select Paintbrush Tool.
However the line only fills the text box area and not the image?
The text box area has a yellow and black dashed line around it, if that means anything.

The dashed box show the boundary of the active layer. Since you just added a text layer, it is your active layer, and you cannot paint outside its boundaries(*). Select the image layer in the layers list, so that paint ops apply to it.

(*) You could also use Layers > Layer to image size to make the text layer as big as the image, but don’t, because this would make the text layer a plain layer and you can edit text afterwards. Better paint on some other layer.

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Thanks, but I moved on to Inkscape. I’ll try Gimp Layers another time.