How can I snap between images?

Can someone help me please?
How can I snap between images!
I mean if I want to place multiples images in 1 atlas how can I snap them with each other

I am not sure I understand what it is that you want to do. Do you want to stitch multiple photos into a panorama? Hugin and xpano are the tools you need. xpano is perhaps easier to use.

I’d put some guides where you want them, then snap the images to either side of the guides.

No sir i just want to know is there anyway to snap between layers like if Im moving an image it should get snap with the other image in the canvas

like i want to place multiple texture on one atlas fully placed edge to edge

Thanks for the help appreciated but I think Snapping between images is what I want to Know still

What do you mean by that? Patching several images together on one large canvas?

Maybe use deepl to translate, this gives good results

Try using guidelines: set one to the edge of the first layer and set the second to snap to the guide?

yes exactly

I do not know of any easy way to do this. If your images are the same size (say 400x200), and you need for example 3 columns and 2 rows, create an image of dimensions 1200x400, add a horizontal guides a 200 pixel and vertical guides at 400 pixel; enable ‘snap to guides’ and ‘snap to canvas edges’. Load your images as layers, and arrange them: they will snap. Not much easier than aligning by eye, really.
Alternatively, command-line tools like ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick could help.

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thank you so much have a nice day sir

Using Gimp: If the images are all the same size (tiles) then there are plugins that will arrange into rows and columns.

This example is an old script that arranges a layer stack

There are others, Ofnuts has a tiles plugin for a folder-full of images.

from where i can get this plugin?

The old script shown in the example is one of RobA’s You can get ra-tile-layers.scm here: - pCloud Unzip and put in your Gimp User Profile scripts folder.

There is possibly a more versatile python plugin, also works the a stack of layers.

Ofnuts from Ofnuts' Gimp Tools - Browse /scripts at
Look for dated 2023-02-21 Unzip, it goes in your Gimp User Profile plug-ins folder. There is a html file in the zip for usage.

Also, my very old arrange-layers script that will work even if the layers are not all the same size.

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Or, you could use the gimp plugin, GMIC and make a montage of them. Samj in testing has many types of montages now (I don’t have the latest Gmic and David could have incorporated them into the main menu by now.

Also you can put them together using layers in Gmic and use the filter that does what you want. I like seamless, but you will lose part of your images then depending how far you put the sliders


from where to download?


Link in the Home page: Ofnuts’ Gimp Tools downloads