How can I use Gutenprint in darktable, LibreOffice, &c? [solved]

Hi, all,

Printing from The Gimp, using Gutenprint, works just fine (thank you, @rlk, who found a fine solution for me and all others who have an XP-960!).

However, I am on very thin ice when it comes to printing from
other software, like darktable and LibreOffice, because they
automatically look for printer(s) registered in CUPS.
And my printer is just known to Gutenprint.

One method that works for me is to let LibreOffice generate a PDF, which I import into The Gimp to be printed through Gutenprint.

But I wonder if there might be a better solution?
Perhaps tell CUPS to use Gutenprint? :yum:

Claes in Lund, Sweden

Seems like you just need to add the gutenprint PPD to cups: Driver: gutenprint | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

Native CUPS driver: This interface makes it possible to set up print queues under CUPS so that one can print from any application or from the command line.

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Thank you, Mica,

Sounds interesting. Will experiment after dinner.
Keep your fingers crossed, please!

Hopefully Yours,
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Thank you, @paperdigits!

Your suggestion works just f-i-n-e.
Presently I am playing with an 80gsm, very absorbant
paper, using about 1/8th of ink (which, among other
things, means flat papers (left) instead of the usual curly
ones (right).

Gratefully Yours,
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Very nice!