How did I get 2.10.36?

On my Mint 21.2 PC I have GIMP 2.10.36, non-flatpak, installed and running. I’ve just repurposed an old PC to run LMDE6 and installed GIMP - Software Manager installs 2.10.34. Having a memory like a sieve (without the wire mesh), I cannot remember how I got to 2.10.36 on the Mint 21.2 PC. Any advice? (Following the ‘check for updates’ in 2.10.34 takes me to the flatpak version, which I don’t want).

You probably used this PPA

but that is not going to work with Mint Debian so you are stuck with flatpak or just a possibility that a Gimp appimage might work (but I do not know)

see: Release Continuous Hybrid builds (Experimental) · ivan-hc/GIMP-appimage · GitHub

Thanks for the news - you avoided me wasting time on figuring this out, which would have been ‘long’ for me. The reason for not wanting flatpak is that I cannot figure out how to get it to talk to GMIC - or vice-versa; I understand that flatpaks run in a sort of sandbox that prevents communication with apps that are not in the same sandbox - correct?

The flatpak Gimp has its own gimp_gmic_qt package. I have tried that, it did work for me, but others have had problems. The installation command is shown on the gmic webpage.

It is sandboxed, one reason I do not care for it. Problems with scanners…

Using an appimage and gimp_gmic_qt ? That worked in the old DrRaw appimages. Might work with the Mint Debian Ed. Remember it does need QT packages installing which might not be there by default.

Ah! That is a special concern to me, since one of the purposes of this LMDE6 build is very much to get the scanning (mostly using Vuescan with Epson, Canon and Nikon scanners) off my ‘production’ Mint 21.2 PC.

So, thanks for this ‘just in time’ advice.

The default Gimp for LMDE6 (based on bookwworm) is Gimp 2.10.34

That should be ok for most things, except there is no gimp python2 package so no python plugins.

As they say, you pays your money and you makes your choice.