How do i add an image onto a vintage photo film

please and thank you

You need to give examples of the old photo . Is it monochrome or colour or maybe something like a sepia print ?

Also the type of image you want to superimpose. For example adding as an integral part of the the old photo is different to say adding a watermark or caption.

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Use layers then merge down:

The base layer would be the vintage photo; the layer above would be the addition.

Not sure that this what you are looking for. Please feel free to ask questions.


something like this?

It is a label:
Get the two images, the background image and the label image. The label image is a suitable size although it is possible to scale it in place a small amount

Open the background image
Open as Layers the label
Use the Move tool to position the label
If you need to scale / rotate … do it now.
Merge the layers. If you Export as a jpeg / png … then that also merges.

A 40 second animation of that

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