How do I add tuttleofx plugin inside Natron?

I successfully added Audio Curve plugin I thought the process should be same with tuttle ofx I unzipped the source file and copied the plugins inside the ofx plugin directory. However I don’t see anything appearing.


Check the terminal output from Natron to see what failed (might be a missing library or a conflict). Are you using Windows or Linux?

Btw, AudioCurve will be part of Natron in the next 2.3 or 2.4 release (depends on when the Lin/mac SDK is updated).

hey Thanks wow that was quick… I am using linux via flatpak on debian. I had problem installing with source file… Its actually weird there is no error, initially I was getting the error on all the plugins, can’t open library because cannto open shared object: No such file or directory
Then i quit it and now when I restart there is no error.
I have libboost-regex installed

Start Natron and select Cache=>Clear Plug-ins Load Cache in the menu, then quit and restart Natron from a terminal, then post the output/error message.

Tuttle depends on libraries shipped with Natron and they are most likely not compatible. The only solution will be to build Tuttle from scratch against the same libraries used by Natron (or the included plugins).

Installing desktop-file-utils and the hotfix helped me start Natron binary file. Here is the link to the error, it happens to all the plugin from tuttle I have libboost_regex1.67.0 installed

As you can see Tuttle requires Boost 1.53, that will not work against the Boost you already have.

If you need any plugins from Tuttle then you will need to build them from source. You can find info at

ok will give it a try.

I am getting some errors on build, Can you help me if I am missing something. It was little complicated to add ubuntu dependency for debian

Seems like you are missing libraw-dev, try installing it, or just don’t build that plugin If you remove line 23 in plugins/CMakeList.txt the plugin will be skipped.

Actually i did install libraw-dev, I will try removing the line

You should ignore most of the IO plugins in Tuttle as Natron has better IO plugins included.

cool thx also the build was successful. I wanna test some filters it seems to have like massive collection of em.

Don’t put your expectations too high on TuttleOFX: last time I checked, these plugins did not support many of the OpenFX features that are necessary to run nicely in Natron (eg most of these do not take into account renderscale). These are good plugins, but they were mainly made for batch execution using TuttleOFX’s command-line tools. Also, since they have huge dependencies, they are very difficult to support in third-party applications (real plugins should not depend on external dynamic libraries, which may have conflicts with the host process libraries)

What’s missing in the SDK to get AudioCurve?

libsox is needed. I added it on Windows, but I have not had time to do anything on Linux yet.