How do I create a star filled background?

I just started using GIMP and thought I could use the noise tool to create a star filled universe then use different paint brushes to create galaxies and nebulas. Another paint program had it so one could control how much noise, spacing, and color reduction. Is it possible to do that on GIMP?

I just took a look, and after Googling it, there is a tool in GIMP called “G’fig”. There’s a YT clip that walks you through it. This tool allows for the creation of stars of as many sides as you like (more or less). I thought that by starting with a few, you could place them in a black new image and then go from there, copying and pasting and reducing sizes or increasing them to get the effect you wished. I thought a few with a gold or red fill colour might add to the realism.

A long time ago, there was a method for making (Jupiter-like) planets: start with a circle, then add bands of various colours and apply motion blur to the bands. Once you have a complete planet, apply Gaussian blur to soften them all a little, and let the bands be less-rigidly defined.

I hope this has helped.

Michael P.

Hi, if you have in Gimp the g’mic Qt plug-in installed, there is Pattern/Stars which does what you ask.

There are scripts and plugins for this:

Does everything but might be a bit OTT for you (needs the gimp gmic_qt plugin as well)

…and a couple scripts here: How do I make a Star Scape background?

In addition to previous post, since you are new to Gimp, a demo of the scripts and plugins

Not sure where they are in the menu structure, look in the Gimp Help → Plugin Browser where it gives details.

This demos the 3 versions, Star Scape / Starry Sky / Cosmos (no audio)

As with anything Gimp best to experiment.

Among the brushes there is one in the shape of a star. That’s enough for you to enter all the stars you need by hand.