How do I darken a certain color in a section? Example in the image attached.

I would like the light green in the section circled in yellow to be like the dark green in the section circled in orange. How do I do this while still keeping the “texture”? Is there a name for this process? Thank you for your help! I am using RawTherapee.

more green

Hey, welcome. Which software are you using?

Thank you!

OMG, I am so sorry that I forgot this very important detail. I am using RawTherapee. I need to update my original post with this info :slight_smile:

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I’ve changed the category of this post such that the RawTherapee brigade will be along to help soon.

Thanks again!

I think I might be figuring out the right path to my answer but not sure. I found a “local adjustments” menu selection then added a “new spot” and put it where I put the yellow circle in my original post. I think I’m supposed to add a tool and select “color and light”.

That’s all i figured out so far. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you’re on the right path.

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I think so too, but I am a little lost in all the settings. I think I need the brigade to help me out from here.

@urg8rb8 you’re on the right path:
defining a small spot size, changing the color and brightness, already works very well. Duplicating this spot already covers the most of the marked area.

More accurate results you will get with masks (advanced activated), but this can be a steep learning curve :wink:



Thank you!!!

This is the result I get when I do this:

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I had another question. How does this “color correction grid” work? What do the black and white does mean? And what does the line between them mean?

I am referring to this:


From the manual, see below. The white point will adjust the highlights. Move it around and watch the histogram as well as the image you are editing. The black point changes the shadows.

    1. Lab* Color Correction Grid

    1. Tone the shadows and highlights by adjusting the corresponding black and white nodes on a color grid.
    1. Double-click a node to reset it back to the neutral position.


This grid allows you to modify the colors of the components “a” (green - red) and “b” (blue yellow) of Lab.
The “white point” act both on “a” and “b” “high” values.
The “black point” act both on “a” and “b” “low” values.
The term “high” and “low” is just a convention to separate possible actions.

Of course you don’t have to change both. It all depends on what you want to achieve - moving just the white point in “direct” mode is quite intuitive.

You can act “direct”, it’s quite intuitive, or use a “Color toning” (take into account “luminance”) type algorithm.
The line between the 2 is essentially visual.

A possible example in Rawpedia