How do I export from Rawtherapee- not with PP3 file

Probably misunderstanding completely but I want to export a Photo after editing.
It always puts it in a file with the PP3 addition, I believe it keeps the original uses the PP3 to display it.
There only seems to be a save as, what am I seeing here ?

The PP3 is a sidecar file, which is a text file containing the “recipe” of the edits applied to the raw file (since the raw file itself is never modified). You can export, that is save-as, an image file of the edited raw two ways* –

  1. Click the save button at the bottom of the preview area: image, select your destination folder and save in a number of image formats (jpg, png, tiff, etc.).

  2. Send the image to the queue by clicking the queue button image next to the save button. This will allow you to “stack up” more than one edited image for exporting en masse. Once the images are all in the queue, you can go there by clicking the queue button on the left side:
    In the queue you can select various output options and click the Queue button at upper left to start exporting.

The PP3 sidecar file simply saves your edits for future use with the same image.

* You can also send the edited raw image data to an external vie the button to the right of the “put to queue” button: image. Once in that editor, you can save / export your image file.

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Thanks but still baffled by what is showing me what where :slightly_smiling_face: It is a matter of terminology as usual, save or export, some things use either or both.

I think I get it based on the two screen shots ?
Made very dark so I can see which is which, saved as jpg creating a new photo and saved as darker, cr2 unchanged.
File browser tab, 2nd screen shot when loaded in Rawtherapee now both show as dark. Ok as they are applying the PP3 files to both.
If I look at the original in windows explorer CR2 it is unchanged, which is correct.

If I need to start again, as still experimenting, I just delete the PP3 file next to a photo to start again from scratch. I think I have it now.



Anytime you load a file into the editor a PP3 is created. You can also remove it by clearing from the processing menu of the thumbnail in the file browser (right click).

The Queue tab has a checkbox that toggles the option of writing an pp3 file next to the exported file. See “Save processing parameters with image” to the right the screen shot below.

By unchecking this box you no longer get the pp3 file with your exported file. Rawtherapee will create a pp3 file in the same directory as your raw file though. This file contains the “recipe” for creating the exported file again.

I still have to get it set up as I like it, no problem with the location of the PP3. I just do occasional edits but am trying to work through, quite a few tutorials about and I enjoy learning as much as the edits themselves.
This covers all I want, still can’t find the one I saw with the oriental building, final part was removing shadows in a specific entrance area. As in the above covered all the processes I will ever need.